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IMG_8971 5.08.07 PMHi. My name is Dave.

Just like you, I’m on a great adventure called “life”. ┬áSo far, God has blessed me with the privilege of working with young people in camp ministry, He has surprised me by inviting me to lead a local church for a time, and has repeatedly opened doors for me to work in multiple Christian schools. In the midst of all that, He has given me a knack for playing in the dirt. (You can see my other blog for information about gardening, landscaping, and enjoying the outdoors – albertahomegardening.com) My latest adventure has been planting a church in Penhold, Alberta – penholdchurchofhope.com

So regardless of whatever my current job title happens to be, my God-given task is to help people experience “Life” – the full and abundant life that comes from knowing and living in Jesus Christ. This blog contains smatterings of my thoughts, ideas I’ve tried, sermons I’ve preached, games I’ve played, and a bunch of other stuff – all here for the purpose of helping people experience life together with Christ.

Dave Trenholm is the husband of a lovely lady named Heather and is the father of four wonderful children. They reside in Central Alberta, Canada.


  1. Melody Lowes Melody Lowes

    Hi! Came by to check out your blog. I see that my idea for a new blog, ‘Mondays, Melody Muses’ is now suspiciously copycatting. Thanks a lot! :(( Glad to see your heart for camp (I have one, too, as a children’s speaker!) and passion to engage Christians in something a little deeper than Sunday morning pew-warming. Blog and site look great – very professional! Keep it up!

  2. Jan Jan

    Hey Mr. Trenholm, you’re awesome!!

  3. Randi Guzewicz Randi Guzewicz

    Hi Dave,

    I just came across your site as I was studying humbling ourselves in relation to fasting too..Your articles on fasting were great! I liked the quote”fasting is a means to humbling”…thats it in a nutshell.

    I wanted to see who you were associated with and what you believe if you are involved with any churches…I look forward to following the numerous teachings you have listed… You are very good at expressing the subject matter, I look forward to sharing your site with other people I am involved with.

    Be blessed abundantly I pray,

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