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Proverbs Four – Guarding Your Heart

This is a fairly short Bible study that focuses on Proverbs 4:23 – “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”


Popcorn Kernels (a.k.a. Odd or Even)

This is a simple, relatively short game that requires only some popcorn kernels. It can work good as an ice-breaker as it requires one-on-one interaction. Everyone starts the game with ten popcorn kernels in their left hand. Each person secretly chooses any number of kernels from this left hand and puts them in his right. He then approaches any other person and challenges them, asking “Odd or even?” The other person must then guess whether the number of kernels in his right hand is an odd number or an even number.

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Phong Tag

No – it’s not a typo. I really do mean ‘Phong‘ not ‘phone’. This game is hilarious. Everyone gets one leg of an old nylon. Pour in about a 1/4 cup of flour into the nylon and let it settle down to the toe. By holding on to the open end of the nylon, you now have a tagging device that can reach up to six feet when it stretches with momentum as you swing it around. Even better yet, it also allows you to eliminate all questions of whether or not someone was tagged – as each time someone gets hit, it will leave a white phong mark visible to all. You can incorporate this with regular tag, frozen tag, capture the flag, steal the gold, or just about any ‘tagging’ game you can think of.

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Proverbs Three – Relating to God & Others

This study hits a number of topics such as following God, tithing, discipline, wisdom, how to treat others around us, and several others. Most of the study is in question format, so the leader will have to do a little studying before in order to know how to guide the discussion.

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Points to Ponder

This discussion starter has a wide mix of questions from goofy to generic to personal to spiritual. Have all the following questions written down on a sheet of paper and pass it around the circle. You can either have everyone answer the next question on the list (ie. Person one answers question one, person two answers question two…) or you can have them pick and choose which questions they want to answer. If you choose the latter, send a pen around with the paper and have them mark off what questions have already been answered. Either way, be sure to have them read the question aloud before they answer so everyone else knows what the question is.

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