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The Creation of the World

This is the first in a series of Bible studies that gives a brief chronological overview of the entire Bible – from Creation to the imminent return of Christ.

Discussion Groups

Break everyone into three groups and give them the instructions as listed below:

Group 1

Read Genesis 1:1-8 and discuss the following questions:

  • Verse 3 says that God created light on the first day, but later we read in verses 14-16 that God created the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day. What, then, was the “light” that He created on day 1?
  • When God separated the light from the dark, calling the light “day” and the dark “night” – thus making up one day, was this the first rotation of the earth or is it talking about something else?
  • What water is God separating in verses 6-8? Where is the water above the sky?
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A Million and One Mindless Games Night

Ok, so maybe there aren’t a million and one games, but there are a whole bunch. These are just a bunch of simple games I put together for a fun games night for my youth group.

Balloon Smack

One balloon is in the middle of the room. Everyone is divided into two teams and each person is assigned a secret number (between 1 & 6 or however many there are on each team). The leader calls out a number, the person from each team who was assigned that number must grab a pool noodle (on the floor in front of them) and try to smack the balloon against the opposite team’s wall. 1 point per smack. It up to you whether you allow ‘body’ smacks or not.

The Shoe Kick

Each person dangles their shoe on the end of their foot and with a mighty kick, tries to launch their shoe the furthest.

The Slurpie Run

This is a team relay. Each person has a straw. The objective is to suction a small paper square (2 inch square) to the straw and carry it to a pylon and back. If the paper falls, the person must suction it from wherever it falls and continue. First team with all their people through wins.


To prepare for this game, get enough brown paper lunch bags for about two per person. In each bag, place some sort of snack. You can use mini chocolate bars, mints, a potato chip, some breakfast cereal, a piece of a raw potato, three soup crackers, and whatever else you think of. Staple the bags closed. Divide your players into equal teams. Have them choose one ‘pig’ among themselves – this person should be willing to eat anything. Give eat team two dice. Once the game has begun, each member of each team will take turns rolling the dice. If they get doubles, their team stops all rolling and the person who rolled doubles runs to the center of the room and retrieves a brown paper bag. Once they have returned with their bag, the player will open it and must completely consume whatever snack is in that bag before their team can continue rolling. If the player is unable or unwilling to eat their particular snack, they can feed it to the pig. Once the snack is completely swallowed, the rolling resumes. The team who has eaten the most snacks by the end of the game is the winner.

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Jonah’s Lunch

Building a fire in the riverThe objective of this team building exercise is simple – hard boil an egg. The catch is that it is to be boiled in the middle of a river. This is a great team building exercise that requires not only teamwork, but also ingenuity, perseverance, and some fire starting skills.

How It Works

Each team starts with one egg, one tin can, and one matchbook. They are given an area in which them must hard boil their egg. Usually the water should be about knee deep, but you can adjust the depth according to your location and your particular group. The deeper the water, the greater the difficulty – especially in moving water.

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