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Water Balloons for Large Groups – The Sane Way

Water Balloon GameWater balloons are a heap of fun on a hot summer’s day. But how do you avoid the chaos of a free-for-all? (Although that has it’s place, too.) If you’re looking for a water balloon game that has a little bit of structure and control, but still a whole pile of fun – here’s a water balloon game that is sane, safe, and yes, very soggy.

This game has its origins in a camp setting, so I’ll explain it in that context – though you can easily adapt it to fit your situation.

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Ordinary People – Extraordinary God

For some reason, God likes choosing ordinary people to do His work. Remember Gideon? He was a farmer threshing wheat in a winepress to hide from the Midianites – but God choose him to deliver Israel. How about David – a smelly old shepherd? God choose him to be King. Or Ruth – an unknown widow from Moab. God choose her to be the great great great grandmother of Jesus. Or what about Jesus’ very own disciples like Peter, James, John, Andrew? They were plain old fishermen – but God choose them to lay the foundation for His church.


Creating Vision for Your Youth Group Leadership

I am a firm believer in having a youth group executive or youth council or whatever you call it – a group of the core, committed youth that you can mentor and develop into dedicated and properly equipped leaders. Why, you may ask? Because it is these kids that will be on the church boards, leadership committees, pastors, missionaries, Bible school professors, and the like. The dedicated ones now are going to be the dedicated ones years down the road. They will be the church. I am absolutely convinced that investing large amounts of time, money, effort into developing these teens is well worth it. But this isn’t meant to be an essay on why we should invest in our kids, (that may come later), but rather a how-to on creating a vision for your youth group leadership.

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The Thespian Games

By some, this activity is loved. By some, this activity is dreaded. Either way, this is a fun olympic-style competition that puts everyone on an even playing field. The basic idea is to have a series of about twelve events that each team will try to earn points at within a certain time limit. So for example, if you have twelve events and six teams, each team starts at a different event that they will do for three minutes. At the end of the three minutes, they report to the score keeper and then rotate to the next event.

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