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Bouncy Ball Madness

For a quick & easy game that is absolute chaotic fun, try ‘Bouncy Ball Madness’. You know those little rubber bouncy balls you can get at the dollar store? The ones that bouncy like crazy? Always keep some of them on hand. They are a blast. Here are two games we play with them.

#1. Catch

Everyone goes into a good size room, (if you have a small gym, that works best) close the doors and turn out the lights. Taking about 1 bouncy ball per 3 people, the leader throws them out into the darkness. As soon as he does, everyone tries to grab them. [WARNING: Potential for injuries if players aren’t considerate of each other.] Although they are next to impossible to catch in the dark, it sure is a lot of fun to try. After about 10 – 20 seconds, flip on the lights and watch everyone scramble for the previously lost balls that are now in plain sight. Award a point per ball per person. Or have one or two different colored balls that are worth more (or less).

#2. Baseball

This is a great, slightly dangerous game. The game must be indoors for the bouncy ball to bounce off the walls and such – again, a small gym works best. Setup like regular baseball with the four bases, two teams, etc… The difference is the bat is one of those fat bats – the giant red plastic ones from Walmart – and the ball is one of those bouncy balls. When the batter hits that ball… Man, is it hard to catch! You may need to adjust the rules a little bit, depending on the size of your room and group. Try one of these rules to make it fair:

  • The batter must get a home run for a point.
  • If the batter is not standing on a base when the ball is returned to the pitcher, he’s out.
  • The batter can round the bases as many times as he can, getting one point each base. When the play is over, he’s out.

But again I warn you, these game have potential to be dangerous – particularly to eyes. If you have goggles, you may want to wear them.

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