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Redeeming the Time

I want to start by just throwing out a question to get your minds working this morning. How do you think you will spend 2019? What are you going to do with the next 365 days? (359 as of today…)

I ran across some interesting statistics this week about how we spend our time. You might have heard these before, but I found them to be very enlightening.

Currently, the average lifespan for people in western civilization is 28,835 days (that’s just under 80 years).

Of those nearly 80 years, statistics says you will spend 33 years in bed. (Not consecutively of course, but if you add together all the time you spend in bed over your lifetime – it would total 33 years of your life.) That’s a pile of time to spend in bed!

But get this: only 26 of those 33 years in bed will be spent actually sleeping. The other 7 years will be spent trying to get to sleep. Can you believe that? 7 years of your life trying to get to sleep!? That’s crazy!? That’s 9% of your life spent just trying to get to sleep! That was amazing to me.

Well, what about the rest of your life? How do you spend your time when you’re not in bed? According to these statistics, you’ll spend 13 years and 2 months (on average) at work. Tack on to that another 14 months if you want to include overtime.

Here’s one for the kids: it might surprise you to know that you’ll spend only about 540 days in school. College and University is on top of that of course, but its only 540 days to get through grades 1-12. Certainly seems longer than that, doesn’t it?

Well, in contrast to those 540 days, if you’re an average person, you’ll spend 11 years and 4 months watching screens! That’s roughly 8 years of your life watching tv shows and movies – and roughly 3 years on social media. That can’t be the best way to spend out time!

Here’s a few other interesting tidbits of how you’ll spend you time. You’ll spend 4.5 years eating. You’ll spend 3 years on holiday. You’ll spend just over a year romancing your special someone. So Greg, you’ve only just begun! It’s amazing how time adds up, isn’t it? 

Well, this morning, I want you to consider how you will spend your time in 2019.

You see, time is kinda like money – it’s like money that we are forced to spend at regular intervals. We spend one minute of our time every 60 seconds and there’s nothing we can do about that.

I guess that’s where time is different from money: We can choose not to spend our money – we can save it away for later – but you can’t really save time. We are always spending it one minute every 60 seconds. 

But while we can’t save time, we can choose how to spend it. And as of Tuesday morning, you were given an entire year – 365 days – that’s 8,760 hours for you to spend however you want. That works out to be just over 1/2 a million minutes that you have at your disposal in this next year. How will you spend all that time?

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