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Tag: 2 Kings

Elisha’s Practical Joke

Today we are going to look at a fourth battle story, however this one is a little different.  This one is more like a covert, under-cover military operation. So it’s not your typical battle. But it is a fantastic story with a lot of great lessons in it.

You’ll remember that last week, the Assyrians had completely destroyed the ten tribes known as ‘Israel’, and only the two tribes known as ‘Judah’ had survived. Well, today we need to go back in time about 200 years from that point. Israel has not yet been wiped out. The King of Israel at this time is King Ahab and his capital city was the city of Samaria. At this particular time, the Arameans were at war with Israel. But they were having a little trouble because of a certain prophet named Elisha.

So let’s turn to 2 Kings chapter 6, starting at verse 8 to see how this story begins.

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