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The Fall of Man

Begin by reading through Genesis Chapter 3

Hand out a printout of chapter 4 to each person. (You can find one here.) Have each person circle any sinful actions or statements. Also have them highlight any consequences of sin. After everyone has had a change to do those two things, bring the group back together to discuss their findings.

Here are a few additional topics of interest you may want to discuss:

  • Talking Serpents?
  • What type of fruit was it? An apple?
  • Serpents had legs?
  • Had Eve had children yet?
  • Did Adam rule over Eve before?
  • What happened to the Garden?

Lesson of the Day

There are consequences for our actions.

Have the group come up with a list of sins. Then list the possible consequences for those sins.

The biggest consequence of all is separation from God. Even as Christians, when we sin, that sin keeps us distant from God. We need to quickly confess, repent, and make things right with God.

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