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Cain & Abel

As a group, read Genesis chapter 4:1-16


Why do you think Cain killed Abel? Jealousy? Venting his anger at God?

Let’s try to figure out Cain’s brain: After each statement, discuss what thoughts may have been going through Cain’s head.

  1. The Lord rejects his offering.
  2. The Lord tells his that sin is waiting to destroy him, but that he must subdue it.
  3. Just after Cain kills Abel.
  4. God askes him where his brother is.
  5. God tells him that he is to be a homeless fugitive.
  6. Cain leaves God’s presence and heads to Nod.

Have any of us ever had those same kind of thoughts?

What’s the difference between us & Cain?

It comes down to what choices we make. God warned Cain that sin was waiting to attack him. Cain choose to give in and let sin destroy him.

Sin can only destroy or harm our lives if we let it. Romans 6:6-7

As Christians, we aren’t slaves to sin, but we can still choose to obey it if we want.

So what kind of choices have you been making? Have you chosen to give in to sin?

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