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Self Portraits

This is a quick and easy game to play with a small group. The idea is to have everyone draw a self-portrait of themselves and then everyone will try to figure out which drawing is of which person. Sound easy? Well, there are some extra rules.

The Rules

  1. You must only draw your face – no body.
  2. You may NOT draw ANY hair. (Not on your hear, not on your face)
  3. You may NOT draw any accessories (such as glasses, jewelry, makeup, etc….)

Once everyone has draw themselves in secret (so no one has seen what you’ve drawn), gather all the pictures together and mix them up. Show the group the pictures one at a time and have them write down the name of the person they believe is in the drawing. Once you’ve been through all the pictures and everyone’s answer is locked in, reveal who drew each picture.

For every picture you guess right, you get one point. For every person that correctly guesses the picture you drew, you get a bonus point. The person with the most points at the end wins!

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