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From Nothing to Something – Genesis 1:1

In the very first verse in the Bible we read “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1 emphasis mine

The word ‘created’ here means ‘to form out of nothing’. God didn’t create the heavens and the earth from scratch – He created the ‘scratch’ too! (So to speak…) He took a bunch of nothing, a handful or zilch, a truckload of zero, and made the universe and everything in it.

I find it amazing enough that someone can take some wires and silicone and make my computer – but to think that God created everything that anyone has ever seen all from absolutely zero – that just boggles the mind.

So if God can create the entire universe from nothing, can’t He make something wonderful out of my life? Absolutely. God can take my weakness, my failure, my emptiness – all the nothing that I have to offer God – and make it into something completely wonderful that will glorify Him.

Was Peter something great? He was a stinky ol’ fisherman with a big mouth. He even denied that he ever knew Jesus! What a zero he must have felt like! But God took that zero and made him into a great leader in the early church.

Or what about Moses? He was a son of a slave – a murderer running from the law. But look at how God took his pile of nothingness and made him into a hero to millions.

The Bible is full of stories of people who have absolutely nothing to offer God, but when they surrender themselves to God, He uses them in great and powerful ways. So next time you feel useless, worthless, like a big fat zero – great! You’re just the kind of person God’s looking for. Give yourself to Him and let Him turn your nothing into something.

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  1. Ayodele Comeau Ayodele Comeau

    Awesome. Great reminder

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