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Penguin Soccer

If you thought three-legged races were fun, try this game! It’s a very simple variation of soccer, but it is tons of fun. All you do it to tie each person’s legs together just above the knees. The positioning of the tie is important – below the knees and they won’t be able to move at all. Too far above the knees and they won’t be restricted at all. The result is everyone waddling around – looking very much like penguins. You’ll probably want to play this in a gym or else have untied people free to retrieve balls that end up out of bounds.


Be sure that you do not use thin rope or the like that would cut into kid’s legs. I use triple-thick strips of rags that my wife sewed (About four inches wide and four feet long. They also double as blindfolds in other games.)

You can play just about any game “penguin style” – baseball, kickball, football, tag – you name it. You can do a penguin theme event where you play all your regular games penguin style.

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