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Phong Tag

No – it’s not a typo. I really do mean ‘Phong‘ not ‘phone’. This game is hilarious. Everyone gets one leg of an old nylon. Pour in about a 1/4 cup of flour into the nylon and let it settle down to the toe. By holding on to the open end of the nylon, you now have a tagging device that can reach up to six feet when it stretches with momentum as you swing it around. Even better yet, it also allows you to eliminate all questions of whether or not someone was tagged – as each time someone gets hit, it will leave a white phong mark visible to all. You can incorporate this with regular tag, frozen tag, capture the flag, steal the gold, or just about any ‘tagging’ game you can think of.


Here are a few helpful hints that you may want to take into consideration.

  1. Don’t fill the nylon with too much flour. You just need enough to give it enough weight for momentum sake. Too much flour at a high speed could be slightly painful – but just a small amount is harmless.
  2. Watch out for the eyes. It’s not too much fun to get flour in the eyes. This can be avoided simply by a ‘no head shots’ rule. Another way around this problem is to have the kids wear sunglasses or goggles.
  3. One last caution – you might not want to use this variation in any water games, as water and flour don’t mix. Well, actually they do mix – quite well, in fact. But they could create quite a mess. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
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