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Proverbs Three – Relating to God & Others

This study hits a number of topics such as following God, tithing, discipline, wisdom, how to treat others around us, and several others. Most of the study is in question format, so the leader will have to do a little studying before in order to know how to guide the discussion.

Proverbs Three

Discussion Starter: Points to Ponder

Read Proverbs 3:1-12

How to relate to God

1-4: How do we do that? What does it mean to “wear them like a necklace”?

5-8: Fairly self explanatory—Good verses to memorize

9-10: What’s that talking about? Tithe. Not whatever money we have left over – it the first-the best. Just money or time and effort too? Does that mean that if we always give our 10%, God will give us lots of stuff? Does that mean that if the kid in the war-torn country tithes, he won’t get shot but instead he’ll become rich? What kind of tithing do you do? (A set percent? Whatever you feel like? Whenever you feel like?)

11-12: How do you react to discipline by your parents or by God? How would you turn out if you were never disciplined?

Read Proverbs 3:13-26

The Value of Wisdom

Share some real life examples of how wisdom has been precious to you. Or on the flip side, share how the lack of wisdom has not been precious to you.

Read Proverbs 3:27-35

How to relate to Others

27-28: Don’t withhold good… How can we do that in real life?

29-30: Who would do such things? Us? “Love your neighbor as yourself”

31-32: Again, who would do such things? Us. Don’t want to be the ‘loser’, peer pressure.

33-35: The effects of wisdom vs. the effects of the lack there of—which do you want?

Self Evaluation

  • How well have I “worn kindness & loyalty around my neck”?
  • Have I been trusting God with ALL my heart or have I been leaning on my own understanding?
  • Have I been giving God my first and best in money, time, energy, etc…?
  • How have I been reacting to discipline?
  • Have I been “withholding good” from my neighbor?
  • Have I been loving my neighbor as myself?
  • Have I been copying wicked people?

Game Plan

In light of my answers above, this week I will set out to: (be specific)

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