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Predator & Prey

Because there are so many ‘characters’ in this game, it is very theme-able. The old west, aliens, sea creatures, dinosours, food chain – whatever you can come up with. For this explaination I’m going to use the good ol’ food chain theme.


This game can be difficult to explain, but it’s easy to set up. All you really need is three buckets, each full of a different colored objects (small squares of colored paper, painted rocks, marbles, or the like). These buckets will be hidden somewhere out in the bush. You will also need some object to represent life in this game – enough for three per person. Since there is so many different characters in this game, you will also want pinnies to know who is who during the game.


There are four classes of players in this game: Plants, Animals, Humans, & Natural Disaster. Each class has different objectives, different enemies, and even different amounts of time to play the game. However, all players start with two lives. If they lose both lives, they can come to a central location and get just one more. After that, they are eliminated from the game. (Players lose lives by being tagged by any player higher in the hierarchy.)


Plants are the lowest class. Their job is to find each of the three buckets to collect what they need for survival – nutrients, water, and sunshine. (That’s those colored objects in the buckets!) Once they’ve found each of the three, they simply need to hide or run in order to survive the duration of the game, as they can be eaten by animals and humans, or destroyed by a natural disaster. Choose 60% of your players to be plants.


Animals are second lowest in the food chain. They can eat plants, but must flee from humans and natural disasters. They do not collect nutrients, water, or sunshine – they simply eat plants. Choose %25 percent of your players to be animals.


Humans are #2 on the food chain and can only be destroyed by natural disasters. They too have no use for nutrients, water, or sunshine – but will eagerly consume both plants and animals. Choose 10% of your players to be humans.

Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters are on the top. Nothing threatens them. They destroy any player they can. One advantage they have is that they will be armed with some sort of weapon so their ability to tag is extended. (Super Soakers on hot days, gator skin balls or pool noodles on cooler days.) Their further advantage is that when they tag a player, they take ALL of their lives – not just one like the others. The destroyed plants, animals, and humans are NOT allowed their third life, but are immediately eliminated from the game. Choose 5% of your players to be natural disasters. (Usually staff)

Game Play

Once the rules are explained and everyone has their two lives, the plants (and only the plants) are sent out to play. they get a 5 minute head start on everyone else to give them a chance to find their resources. Next to be released are the animals. Give them 5 minutes to terrorize the plants before you release the humans. Then after the humans have been released, wait five minutes and let the natural disasters loose. After the natural disasters have had five minutes, the game is ended.

So who wins? Here’s how to score: Each class of players is a team.

For every plant that has all three resources – nutrients, water, and sunshine – and was not eliminated from the game, award 10 points.

For every life that a non-eliminated animal has, award 1 point.

For every life that a non-eliminated human has, award 2 points.

For every life that a natural disaster has, award 4 points.

Then the team with the most points wins!


The fairness of this system is very dependent on how the teams are set up, how well the plants resources are hidden, and how big your playing area is. You may need to adjust your point system to fit your particular situation.

When one player tags another and acquires it’s life, the player is allowed to use that life for himself if necessary. Example: If a human tags a plant, but then gets tagged by a natural disaster shortly after, he can give up the plants life or one of his own – there is no difference.

Players are not allowed to tag the same person twice in a row – they must tag someone else in between. Also discourage players from tagging someone who has already been tagged and is in the process of handing over their life.

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