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Mine Sweeper

Mine SweeperAt a “Computer Games” theme night at our youth group, we played this game in honor of the ol’ Minesweeper game. It was pretty intense and the kids really got into it.


Make a small 6 x 6 grid (each square is about 1ft) marked by masking tape on the floor. In 10 of the 36 squares will be a mine (a ball or any other object that won’t hurt if someone steps on it) placed by the opposing teams. One person on your team will be blindfolded and must navigate through the minefield without stepping on a grid that contains a bomb (tape not included.)

They do this by listening to the instructions of one of their teammates. If they do step on a mined square, they must go back to the front outside edge of the minefield (escorted by one of their teammates). The time it takes them to navigate through successfully will be recorded. Once one person from each team has had their turn, the next person on the team will then be blindfolded, sent through the grid, and their time recorded.

When everyone on all the teams have gone through, the times for your team will be added together and the team with the fastest total time will be winners.

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