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Building a fire in the riverThe objective of this team building exercise is simple – hard boil an egg. The catch is that it is to be boiled in the middle of a river. This is a great team building exercise that requires not only teamwork, but also ingenuity, perseverance, and some fire starting skills.

How It Works

Each team starts with one egg, one tin can, and one matchbook. They are given an area in which them must hard boil their egg. Usually the water should be about knee deep, but you can adjust the depth according to your location and your particular group. The deeper the water, the greater the difficulty – especially in moving water.

The teams can float their fire on logs, build an elevated fire on stilts, pile up rocks to make a small island, or whatever else they come up with, as long as their egg is hard boiled within the given area. You can do this activity in still water such as a pond or lake, or for an added challenge you can do it in moving water such as a river. I’ve done it in both still and moving water, and neither was easy.

Boiling an egg in the river

Boiling an egg in the river

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