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Blind Pictionary

Blind PictionaryFor a totally new way to do pictionary, try blind pictionary. In this game, everyone has a pen and paper, and is blindfolded. The players must try to draw a picture that the leader describes to them one element at a time. For example:

  1. Draw an island
  2. Draw a palm tree on the island.
  3. Draw some coconuts on the palm tree.

Each person tries to draw the picture as accurately as they can, without being able to see what they are drawing. You’re sure to get some interesting pictures.

In the end, each element has a point value. For example:

  • If the trunk of the palm tree is touching the island, get one point.
  • If the coconuts are actually on the tree, get two points.

The person who has earned the most points wins.

For a complete set of instructions, scoring criteria, and sample picture, download the Blind Pictionary.pdf.

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  1. Stefani Stefani

    I love this idea and would like to do it with my Girl Scout Troop. Your PDF link does not seem to work anymore. Would you be able/ willing to email me a copy?

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