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Steal the Candies

This game for 6 to 15 players takes about 15 minutes to play. It requires two dice, a deck of rook cards, and an impressive volume of prizes (ie. candy, chocolate bars, etc…). Everyone sits in a circle facing each other, either around a table or on the floor depending on the size of your group. The leader begins by choosing a candy that everyone will be trying to win this round. (There are multiple rounds – usually start with a smaller candy first and get bigger and bigger as the game progresses.)

With the candy chosen and place in the center of the circle, the leader begins dealing out a card to each person face up. The dealer continues to deal out the cards until the red #1 is dealt. The person with the red #1 will be the first & the last to roll their dice.The way to win the candy is to simply roll doubles with a pair of dice. Rolling doubles gives you temporary possession of the candy. So the first person – the one who was dealt the red #1 – rolls the dice. If they roll doubles, the candy moves in front of them – they have temporary possession. Then the person on their left rolls the dice. If they get doubles, they steal the candy and it moves in front of them. If they don’t, the candy stays in front of the first roller. This continues until everyone has rolled once – with the exception of the person who started. They get one last chance at the end to steal the candy. At the end of this round, whoever has possession of the candy gets to keep it. Unless you get rooked.

When the leader is dealing out the cards at the beginning of each round, the rook card may get dealt out. If someone is dealt the rook card, any candies they have won in any previous rounds will get added to the current prize for that round. This adds much intensity as the cards are dealt out – especially near the end of the game.You can play for as many rounds as you like. I find 15 – 25 minutes is a good length of time. For prizes I buy those boxes of 100 mini-chocolate bars and then a few normal (or king size) bars for the last few rounds.

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