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Bible Reading Plans for Kids (or Adults!)

In my sermon last week I talked about getting into the habit of daily Bible reading. I’ve challenged my own kids to begin reading the Bible each day – and in fact, I’ve offered them a dollar a day to read their Bibles every day for a year. And it’s an all-or-nothing challenge – they can’t just read two weeks for $14! They have to read their Bible faithfully every day in 2017 to get the $365 prize. (And since they’re still kids, I’ve given them a “Once-A-Month Free Pass for Forgetfulness” for those crazy off-days that are bound to happen.)

So to give them the best chance of success, I decided to round up a few Bible reading plans that would help them stay on track. I found a few good ones for kids and decided I’d post them here for you all to see. (I’ve also include a couple for the adults too.)

The first one is for the youngest readers. It’s a Bible Reading Plan for about Grades 3 – 5. It’s typically about 5 verses a day, and each month’s readings are based on a major story or theme or book of the Bible.

The second plan is for geared toward stronger readers – this Bible Reading Plan is for about Grades 6 to 8. It’s about 15 verses each day and goes more through books of the Bible – rather than stories (although it does focus on the lives of Joseph, Elijah, and Elisha).

Another plan that could be for kids or for adults is this Bible Reading Plan that goes through the New Testament in one year. This one tends to be broken down into ‘chapter at a time’ divisions, although there are lots of chapters that are too long for that and are broken down into smaller pieces – anywhere from 8 – 30 verses per day. This might be a good one to go through before you tackle the entire Bible in a year.

This next reading plan isn’t so much a plan as it is a tracker. It just lists every chapter in the Bible and you can read it in any order that you like, as much as you like, even as often as you like – but as you read, you can check off the chapters that you have read so that you can be sure to read the entire Bible – not just your favorite parts over and over again! If you’ve been a follower of Jesus for some time now and you still haven’t read the entire Bible, I’d recommend using this tool to work your way all the way through it. There is no timeline, so you can take as long as you want, but if you’d like to read through the entire Bible in a year, you’ll need to average about 3+ chapters a day.

And finally, if you really want to do some serious reading, this reading plan by M’Chenye will take you through the entire Old Testament once and through the New Testament & Psalms twice in one year. It’s about four chapters a day, so it does take a good investment of time. But this plan is great to really give you a good ‘big picture’ understanding of the whole Bible.

Spending time with God each day by reading His Word is so important! If that’s not already a part of your day, I’d sure encourage you to pick one of these plans and commit to it for the next year. And if none of these reading plans works for you, contact me and I’ll do what I can to help you out!


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