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A Christmas Story Poem

This poem was the basis of our Christmas Morning Service this year.


On a night long ago, in a place far away
A baby was born on the first Christmas Day.
His name was Jesus, and He was a king
And he came to the world to change everything.
This morning we’ll look at the story and see
The baby that came ‘cuz He loved you and me.
We’ll hear about angels and wisemen and sheep.
And the manger in which baby Jesus could sleep.
It’s a story that’s crazy, amazing, and true.
It’s the story about how much God loves you.
So let’s listen careful as we tell the story.
And let’s worship Jesus, the Great King of Glory.

Our Journey to Bethlehem

Mary and Joseph were tired and sore;
They had travelled all day and could travel no more!
They finally arrived in Bethlehem town
Only to find there was nowhere to lie down.
The hotels were all full, there were no more beds
For Jospeh or Mary to lay down their heads.
Exhausted from walking, and ready for sleep,
They would even be willing to sleep with the sheep.
They asked a kind man if they could sleep in his hay
In the barn with the animals, where the cows lay.
The man showed them a spot and moved the cows over,
For a pillow he gave them a pile of clover.
And Mary and Joseph sat down with a sigh.
It wasn’t the best, but it was warm and dry.
And they slept, for a while, under stars and the moon
Perhaps unaware, that Christ’s birth would be soon.

Jesus is Born

While the whole town was sleeping, with stars shining bright,
Mary’s baby was born on that first Christmas night.
Born in a barn! With the horses and hay!
If you were a king, would you come that way?
The King of Creation had come to the earth
And a Bethlehem barn was the place of his birth?!
I think I’d choose a palace, but God’s ways are stranger.
And God’s Son was born and laid down in a manger.
Yes, Jesus was born and wrapped up in some cloth,
And for his first bed, he was placed in a trough!

The Angels

Outside of the town, ‘round a fire so bright
Some shepherds were watching their sheep in the night.
The night had been quiet and silent and still.
The sheep had been starting to doze off until
When all of a sudden a radiant light
Surprised all the shepherds and gave them a fright!
An angel appeared and said not to fear
For the Saviour was born – The Messiah was here!
He’d be wrapped up in cloth and placed in a manger.
Go see for yourself – He’s a total game changer!
He brings joy to the world. He’s good news for men.
The angel said this to the shepherds and then…
A thousand more angels appeared in the sky!
They sang praises to God in the heavens so high!
What a huge celebration of joy to the earth
As the shepherds were told of their dear Saviour’s birth.

The Shepherds

When the angels had left them alone with their sheep
There was no way those shepherds would fall back asleep!
“Let’s go to the town,” the shepherds all said,
“And see if a manger is really the bed
Of this new little king who was born here tonight.”
So the shepherds all ran to the town with delight.
They arrived in the village and looked all around –
It didn’t take long ‘till the baby was found.
It was just as the angel had told them before,
They found Mary & Jospeh and Jesus – what’s more…
Jesus lay in a manger – The story was true!
The Saviour had come – so what did they do?
Those shepherds went out and they told the whole town.
They told them how God, as a baby, came down
Was born in that barn – and yet was the King
The Saviour from Heaven as the angels did sing.

The Wisemen

It wasn’t long after some wise men came by.
They had followed a star that appeared in the sky.
They knew that a King had been born for the Jews
So they stopped at the palace of Herod for clues.
“Where is the new King?” They wanted to know.
Bethlehem was the answer – and so they did go.
They followed the star ‘till it came to the place
Where they found little Jesus. Oh, the joy on their face!
They offered him gifts – Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh.
Mary couldn’t believe what was happ’ning to her.
For her little baby was clearly a King
He was worshiped, adored, and caused angels to sing.
He was Someone so special, in fact, was divine!
He would surely change her life, change your life and mine.
For small baby Jesus would grow to man,
Would live without sin, and would follow God’s plan.
He would die on a cross but would rise three days later
To trade all my sin for something much greater.


And that’s the true story of how Christ was born.
We have so much to celebrate on this Christmas morn.
For God loved the world so much that He gave
His only dear Son, for each person to save.
By trusting in Jesus, our sins are forgiven
We have life eternal, the promise of heaven.
And all because Jesus was born on that night.
The High King of Heaven came to make all things right.

Adapted from “Family Friendly Christmas Eve Worship – The Presbyterian Church in Canada”
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