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Proverbs Two – Finding Understanding & Knowledge

This is the second in the Proverbs Bible study series. It could be done as a stand-alone, but would be best to follow the preceeding study.

A great opening game for this game is some sort of treasure hunt. Since I originally did this study in my home, I hid a variety of treats all around my house – under cushions, on bookshelves, in cupboards, on windowsills, and anywhere else someone might possibly look. Having kids searching through every nook and cranny in your house may seem intrusive, but it really helps to make them feel at ease and welcome in your home.

When kids feel at home in your home, it’s way easier to build relationships with them and build into their lives. Having said that, you may want to declare certain rooms off limits for privacy sake. (ie. bedrooms)

Proverbs Chapter Two

Opening Game: Treasure Hunt

Review last week’s assignment with your buddy

Read Proverbs 2:1-5

Review of Proverbs 1

  • How did we define wisdom? (The ability to consistently make right choices)
  • How do we get wisdom? (Fear of the Lord)
  • How did we define “Fear of the Lord”? (To honor God and to obey Him)

Have everyone summarize Proverbs 2:1-5 in one sentence:

Break down the verses into these key phrases: (Writing them on a whiteboard is a good idea.)

“Accept my words”

Not just listening, but accepting as true. You can listen to me say “I’m a professional skydiver.” – but you don’t necessarily accept that statement as true.

“Store up my commands”

In other words, Memorize them. Store them away like ants store away food for the winter.

“Turning your ear to wisdom”

Why do you turn your ear in everyday life? To hear better when someone is saying something you want to hear. This indicates a desire to hear.

“Applying your heart to understanding”

To illustrate this, have someone reach as far as they can for some candies. The word for “apply” means “to stretch out”. Your mind is stretching out for understanding like that person stretched for the candies.

“Call out for insight & understanding”

Prayer – asking God for wisdom

“Search for it as hidden treasure”

Which everyone illustrated during the game earlier.

Once the phrases have been explained, have everyone write your own paraphrase of the Proverbs 2:1-5.

Verse one might say “Look kid, if you really believe what I’m telling you and memorize the things I say,…”

Have a few people share a verse or two of their paraphrase.


Of those actions, which do you do the least?
Think of one way that you can change that: Share that with a buddy.

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