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This is a very simple game that works great for a group of people who know each other relatively well. The basic idea is for one person to try to identify other people in the group in a variety of unusual ways.

See if they can recognize someone by examining…

  • Handwriting
  • A strand of hair
  • A shoe (or sock for a real challenge)

Or perhaps they will know each other by listening to…

  • A voice
  • A whistle
  • A hum

With a blindfold on, they can try to id someone by feeling…

  • The top of someone’s head
  • Someone’s elbow
  • Someone’s chin

You may want to make this category guys with guys, girls with girls.

If you want, you can assign points for each successful id, or just play for the fun of it. It’s not really conducive as an ice-breaker game for people who don’t know each other, but it’s a great prelude to a Bible study as it breaks down initial inhibitions and allows them to be more free to share in discussions.

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