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Proverbs One – The Fear of the Lord

This is the first in a series of Bible studies on the book of Proverbs that I wrote for my group of 15 – 20 teens from camp that I discipled. I always started the night with a game or two, a check-up on how their relationship with God had been that week, then the study and prayer time, and ended with snack and hang out time. I found this to be a very effective format.

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Steal the Candies

This game for 6 to 15 players takes about 15 minutes to play. It requires two dice, a deck of rook cards, and an impressive volume of prizes (ie. candy, chocolate bars, etc…). Everyone sits in a circle facing each other, either around a table or on the floor depending on the size of your group. The leader begins by choosing a candy that everyone will be trying to win this round. (There are multiple rounds – usually start with a smaller candy first and get bigger and bigger as the game progresses.)

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